Frequently asked questions:


Q1. How do you clear a blocked drain?

At NuFlow Southern we use our high powered drainage machine to clear out any blockages. We then use our CCTV  drainage camera to ensure the blockage is cleared and to find the source. Once we have insured the pipe is clear we can provide a solution to ensure the blockage does not occur again.

Q2. What causes a blocked drain?

A blockage in your drains can be caused by many things, tree roots are very common as well as grease and fat build up. Blockages can also often occur due to excess hair or toiletries backed up in your drains.


Q3. Do you offer a warranty on NuFlow?

Yes all NuFlow Blueline products have a 50 year warranty.

Q4. How to remove tree roots from my drain?

At NuFlow Southern we have high powered root cutter made especially for pipes. Once we have ensured the pipe is clear,we can then reline the pipe using NuFlow’s Blueline technology. Thus preventing future obstruction to the pipe for at least the next 50 years.